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What are the current industry challenges that the OEL Foundation is trying to solve?

Paper-based systems of record keeping leave the door open to proof-of-delivery disputes, delays in the payment cycle, and offer zero visibility. An open source protocol provides the foundation for distributed applications (dApps) that directly connect shippers and transporters with maximum security, trust, and traceability. It further enables micro-reward schemes to incentivise data sharing by supply chain participants operating beneath layers of sub-contracting, providing an irrefutable record of shipment events available to all. This enables participants to know exactly what was delivered, when and by whom, and to connect the movement of goods with payment for improved cash flow.

How exactly will the OEL Foundation work? Who are you looking for as members?

The Foundation is governed by a board of directors and an advisory committee, comprised of nominated representatives of logistics and blockchain companies. The Foundation’s board of directors and advisors determine who will be admitted as a member of the Foundation.

How will the Foundation impact the operations of OpenPort Ltd?

OpenPort Ltd will continue normal operations. The work currently being done by OpenPort’s development team towards the creation of the Enterprise Architecture is being executed under a Service Agreement with the Foundation, whereby the Foundation takes ownership of the Enterprise Architecture. The Service Agreement also provides for marketing and administrative support for the Foundation. The Service Agreement constitutes the only legal obligation between the two entities. OpenPort Ltd exercises no ownership control over the Foundation.